Ryan Blaney on NASCAR legend's cool call after championship win

Blaney got a lot of messages and calls after winning the championship

by Sead Dedovic
Ryan Blaney on NASCAR legend's cool call after championship win
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Ryan Blaney had a lot of texts and calls after winning the NASCAR Cup Series. This great NASCAR driver has been waiting a while to make the dream he's had for years finally come true. Speaking to the media, Blaney stressed that he got loads of calls, but one really stood out and made him super happy.

Namely, Doug Wolfgang, a Sprint Car Hall of Famer, decided to call him and congratulate him on his success. His call was much different than the others. “My dad is a huge fan of his,” Ryan Blaney told Speed Sport, as quoted by on3.com!

“My dad respected Doug so much and was always very envious of his success. He was so good. So he called me Monday, which was super cool. I’ll tell you this story. He was like, ‘I have a dilemma. I have this debate internally with myself.’ I was like, ‘What’s that?’ He’s like, ‘Well, I raced with your grandpa and I was jealous of him, so I tried to mirror my driving style off of him.


Doug Wolfgang' call

The Blaneys have shown for generations how talented drivers they are. They have impressed NASCAR fans for years, and they continue that trend now that Ryan is here. The new NASCAR champion was delighted with such a call.

Doug Wolfgang is a legend, and when such a legend congratulates you in such a way, it's something you'll remember for a lifetime. “And then your damn dad came along and he was even better, and I tried to mirror myself off of your dad, and now I’m not even racing and I’m watching you and now I’m thinking back that I need to mirror myself off of you, so I have this Blaney curse that I just love watching them.’ That meant a lot to me because I love Doug Wolfgang and my da respected him so much. That was probably the coolest one personally for me to get a call [from]”.

Ryan Blaney