Ryan Blaney's emotional speech at NASCAR Awards and Champion Celebration


Ryan Blaney's emotional speech at NASCAR Awards and Champion Celebration
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Ryan Blaney ceremoniously received the NASCAR Cup Series championship in Nashville on Thursday night. Blaney was able to realize his childhood dream. To be born and raised in a family that has been part of NASCAR for generations is a really big deal.

One could sense that Ryan would be one of the family members who would achieve the greatest success. He succeeded in that! Blaney became the NASCAR Cup Series champion. In his speech, Blaney was particularly emotional when mentioning his family, specifically his grandfather.

“I really wish my grandfather could be here, and share it with my dad."- Blaney said to NBC Sports, as quoted by on3.com!

Ryan Blaney: I wanted to be like my Dad

Growing up, Blaney looked up to his father and wanted to be like him one day.

Even then he could understand what the NASCAR world is and what kind of things it brings. He was motivated to become every bit as good as his father, and even better. “Obviously, growing up, watching Dad race, that’s just what I wanted to do, and I wanted to be like my Dad.

I was super lucky to be able to see that at a young age and get the whole spectrum of seeing what it’s like as a driver, seeing how teams operated”. - he continued.
Ryan Blaney emphasized that he had to mention his grandfather, and he knew that it would cause emotions for him and his father.

To achieve such a success that has been waiting for generations is a big deal. Blaney wants to repeat the same success.
“When I wrote that [line[, I was like that’s the one that is going to be the one that is going to get me and is going to get my dad, too,” Blaney said talking about his grandfather.

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