Shane van Gisbergen is moving to the USA


Shane van Gisbergen is moving to the USA
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Shane van Gisbergen, a three-time V8 racing series champion and NASCAR Cup Series winner, is heading to America after concluding his Supercars season in Australia. He secured a visa for "extraordinary abilities" following his recent win at Chicago and shared his relocation plans with SpeedCafe.

One could feel that van Gisbergen was excited about the new chapter in his life. Obviously, this was his wish months ago. “We leave in two and a half weeks,” van Gisbergen said, as quoted by!

Shane van Gisbergen and Jess Dane

Jess Dane, his partner will come with him.

There are many obligations at this moment, and it is necessary to do everything in the right way. Shane wants things to turn out ideal for him and his partner. They plan to visit England as well. “We’ll go to America and settle in, and then head to England with Jess’ family, and then back into it to start learning, I guess.

It’s crazy. Even setting everything up with a social security number, bank account, visa, all that stuff… and it always seems like you can’t get one thing without having the other, and vice versa."- Shane van Gisbergen continued.

Shane knew he had to consult with some people since he didn't know the process very well. Many of them decided to help the great driver. This is another hurdle in his career, if it can even be called that, which Shane will overcome.

“It’s quite a process, but [Scott McLaughlin] has been a great help, as has Chris Wilson, who moved over to work for Penske. I’ve had a lot of people giving me the right advice. I’ve spoken to Scotty a lot, although he has an advantage because his wife is American, which makes it easier. But it’s just the hoops you’ve got to jump through”.