Bubba Wallace on depression after Ryan Blaney's championship

“It’s just kind of how Bubba is, you know he’s very hard on himself"- Blaney said

by Sead Dedovic
Bubba Wallace on depression after Ryan Blaney's championship
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Bubba Wallace and Ryan Blaney are great friends off the NASCAR track. The fact that Blaney won made Wallace happy, but sad at the same time. He wanted to give much more and to fight for a championship. He did not succeed in his goal, but despite everything Wallace had a successful season.

Bubba Wallace revealed what he said to Blaney days after Ryan won the championship. “[Blaney] called me a couple days later [after Phoenix] and I was like, ‘Man, I guess you winning the championship sent me into depression.

Like congrats, but I don’t want to see that,” Wallace said, as quoted by on3.com!

Ryan Blaney on Bubba Wallace's reaction

Ryan Blaney had only words of praise for Bubba Wallace. Despite Bubba feeling disappointed, believing he could have achieved more, Blaney perceives Wallace's season as successful.

He highlighted Wallace's tendency to be self-critical, often demanding too much from himself. “It’s just kind of how Bubba is, you know he’s very hard on himself,” Blaney said. “He is just super hard on himself and you try to pick him up, right? The other night I told him ‘Man, you did great.

Tenth in points, you made a good run in the playoffs.’ OK, he didn’t win, but I mean, he had a great year”. Blaney recalled his reaction in 2020 when his friend Chase Elliott won the championship. He had the same reaction as Wallace.

On the one hand, Ryan was delighted by his friend's victory. On the other hand, there was jealousy because he believed he could have achieved the same success. “There’s seeing a friend do it, and it’s other part of seeing another young guy around your age,” Blaney said.

“When Chase won the championship in 2020, he and I are really great friends, I was super happy for him. But I was also kind of jealous because I want to be that guy. I want to be in that spot”.

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