Denny Hamlin on injury and the possibility of missing the Busch Light Clash


Denny Hamlin on injury and the possibility of missing the Busch Light Clash
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Denny Hamlin had shoulder surgery. It will take some time to recover, so that he can come back and show his best. Many are wondering if Hamlin will be part of the Busch Light Clash. In an interview with the media, Hamlin put special emphasis on recovery, hoping to return as soon as possible.

He is aware that he has a strong team behind him that will be important in his recovery. “What I’m optimistic of is that I’ve got a great team that’s going to work on me to get this better and certainly, I find it hard to believe that I’ll have more pain in late-January than what I did in the end of October and November.

Getting through those last five races was really, really hard so I think if I can get through that, then certainly I’ll be able to challenge myself enough to get back in a car sooner than what they’d want me to”.

- Hamlin said, as quoted by!

Denny Hamlin on injury problems

Hamlin had problems with the same injury during the season. However, he didn't want that to be his excuse if he didn't achieve his goal. Denny fought bravely, he tried to help his team, and it can be said that he was great considering the pain he was in.

“It was painful, there were many times when they asked me to turn on a switch and I couldn’t reach it, I couldn’t touch it. We were certainly up against the odds, but one thing is I didn’t want to use it as any kind of excuse for not making the final four." Denny always gave his best and tried to help his team as much as possible.

When you have an injury, it is sometimes necessary to adapt. Hamlin did it, and it wasn't easy for him. “I think really our performance was as good as it possibly could be on track. I did everything I could to succeed, we just didn’t get it done for whatever reason.

Certainly, I didn’t want that to be any excuse of why we didn’t perform well. … It’s just one of those things, I grew up being a right-arm driver and during the playoffs had to switch to holding the wheel with the left hand, so it was certainly different”.

Denny Hamlin