Erik Jones wants to enter the playoffs

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Erik Jones wants to enter the playoffs

After the break due to COVID 19, NASCAR races continue where 24-year-old Erik Jones wants to enter the playoffs. There are 8 more races left and Jones will have to work hard if he wants to secure the playoffs. “Eight races out, we’re definitely looking at that, on the outside looking in,” Jones said on Tuesday, as quoted by "We’ve been looking at what we can do the next few weeks to try to put ourselves in the position to get in these playoffs, and I feel confident honestly that we can win one of the next eight, but if we can’t, I think top-fives in these next eight will get us in.

I think we can still point our way in, so we’re going to look at all the options to try to figure out what we can do from our end to get the most points and I think we’re going to execute those the next eight races, try and go out there and get as many points as we can”.

Kansas City race

Erik Jones is not sure how good results he will be able to achieve in Kansas. The reason is the Daytona road, which can be very dangerous. “Kansas coming up, we’ve got a great opportunity to go out there and win,” said Jones, who has a string of four consecutive top-10 finishes at the Kansas City track.

“The Daytona road course, even the Daytona oval, are probably two concerns on the schedule coming up. It’s kind of two wild-card races. You never know what can happen at Daytona, and then the road course at Daytona, we’ve obviously never run that, so I don’t know how that’s going to go.

You’ve got to kind of prepare for anything to happen there, so those two races are kind of wild, but Kansas coming up is definitely one I think we can win”. Erik Jones is not only a good NASCAR driver. During the pandemic, he made campaigns in which he wanted to motivate children to read because reading is, as he himself says, his great love.

“I’ve always been a pretty big reader myself, and trying to get kids involved in reading, I think it’s a great idea,” said Jones.

“I’ve read since I was a young kid. Having an opportunity to connect with people to do something that gives them a sense of normalcy, I guess.

That was big for me during the break when we weren’t racing, just to try to do something a little bit more normal, sitting and reading was just something to make people feel normalcy and to connect with people. I love to read and just getting that out there to kids was something that played really well with me”.