Joey Logano's interesting view on the 2024 NASCAR schedule


Joey Logano's interesting view on the 2024 NASCAR schedule
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In an interview with the media, Joey Logano talked about the change in the NASCAR schedule for the next season. There is a split opinion among NASCAR drivers regarding the upcoming season and tracks. Adding another road course, Logano thinks is a great thing.

This experienced NASCAR driver believes that if you want to win the championship, you must be good on all types of tracks. “Adding another road course, that’s okay. That’s alright. You know, I mean, part of winning a NASCAR championship is you have to be good at all the race tracks, whether it’s a super-speedway or a road course or a half-mile or a mile-and-a-half, or whatever comes at you.

You’ve got to be good at all of them if you’re going to win. So it definitely has that in the playoffs,” Logano said, via SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, as quoted by!

Joey Logano and his view

Joey Logano has huge ambitions for the next season, but he believes that it is necessary to show quality from the very beginning.

He did not forget to emphasize the importance of playoff races. “We’ve had that before in the playoffs anyways, it just kind of waits more towards — obviously, a couple road courses now, and obviously a couple of super-speedways as well.

The speedway racing changes in the playoffs too, because there’s just different, there’s different agendas out there, than what there is when you’re not in the playoffs. For every team, a win is huge in the regular season.

For a playoff team in the playoffs, the win is huge. If you’re not in the playoffs, it’s not as big of a deal. It’s just not. So when you go to those races, the alliances and who works together and all that, it’s weighted towards the playoff guy. I think that takes something away from speedway racing”.

Joey Logano