Ross Chastain on whether F1 is a threat to NASCAR


Ross Chastain on whether F1 is a threat to NASCAR
Ross Chastain on whether F1 is a threat to NASCAR © Sean Gardner / Getty Images Sport

Ross Chastain has shown his love for NASCAR many times so far in his career. Although Chastain is often a controversial figure, it is unnecessary to talk about how much passion he races and how much Ross loves this sport. The F1 race in Las Vegas caused great optimism among NASCAR fans.

Many believe that F1, with its arrival in Las Vegas, can have a positive effect on the growth of NASCAR. Chastain loves F1 himself and has been following it for several years. “I love it. I think a rising tide raises all ships,” Chastain said to Susan Wade of Autoweek about F1, as quoted by!

“I’ve become a fan. I wasn’t a fan 15 years ago, but I was 10 years ago, and I’ve just slowly kind of just watched from afar. I’ve never been to anything, been to any events or anything. I’m glad that we’ve got more events on this side of the pond and love that more people are watching”.

Ross Chastain on F1 being a threat

Some believe that F1 poses a threat to NASCAR and could potentially surpass it as the most popular motorsport in the future. However, Chastain disagrees. Ross firmly believes that NASCAR currently holds the dominant position, and dethroning them will be a challenging task “We’re at the top.

This is the top of our sandbox. This is where we want to stay for a long time. Nobody’s leaving NASCAR to go over there. A few guys are retiring over there coming this way, but nobody’s leaving here. It’s a good spot”.

F1 drivers were not particularly satisfied with the race in Las Vegas. Many of them believe that this type of racing is actually just show business. However, F1 executives know how important this is to them. We'll see how popular F1 will be in the future in the USA.

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