Iconic Motorsports Broadcaster Ken Squier Passes Away at 88


Iconic Motorsports Broadcaster Ken Squier Passes Away at 88
Iconic Motorsports Broadcaster Ken Squier Passes Away at 88 © NASCAR / Youtube Channel

Ken Squier, the legendary NASCAR broadcaster passed away late Wednesday at the age of 88. His immense contribution to NASCAR and his exceptional talent as a broadcaster will forever be cherished. Squier's passion for the sport shone through in every broadcast, leaving an unforgettable impact on fans and colleagues alike.

Following his passing, heartfelt condolences poured in, highlighting the widespread respect and admiration Squier garnered throughout his illustrious career. Dave Moody shared the news of his death on social media, expressing gratitude for the outpouring of support and prayers.

“It’s over. Ken earned his wings last night at 8:20 PM ET, surrounded by his incredible, loving family. I grieve for the loss of my dear friend and lifelong mentor, but rejoice in the fact that his pain and struggle are over.

Thanks everyone for all the prayers and good wishes”. - Squier wrote.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. reacted to Ken's death

Dale Earnhardt Jr. also shared his thoughts on Squier's passing, crediting him as one of the driving forces behind NASCAR's global popularity.

According to Earnhardt Jr., Squier played a crucial role in making NASCAR an internationally beloved sport. Through his broadcasts, Squier captivated audiences, inspiring a profound affection for NASCAR. His genuine love for the sport, coupled with his great passion and post-race joy, significantly contributed to NASCAR's widespread adoration in the USA and across the globe.

“Ken Squier was there when NASCAR was introduced to the rest of the world in 1979 for the Daytona 500,” Earnhardt wrote. “I’m convinced that race would have not had its lasting impact had Ken not been our lead narrator.

We still ride the wave of that momentum created on that day. Kens words and energy were perfection on a day when Nascar needed it. I am forever grateful for his major role in growing stock car racing. RIP”