Ross Chastain: Disruptive Driving Style Aligned with Justin and Pitbull's Approach

“We’re not going away"- Ross Chastain said

by Sead Dedovic
Ross Chastain: Disruptive Driving Style Aligned with Justin and Pitbull's Approach
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Ross Chastain is an individual who consistently attracts attention with his statements and excesses from season to season. While Chastain's notable performances capture fans' interest, the incidents and conflicts tend to be more intriguing for enthusiasts of the sport.

Trackhouse Racing intends to approach the upcoming season and those beyond with the same philosophy. Having Chastain on the team can be exciting. This accomplished NASCAR driver intends to disrupt the plans of many in the upcoming seasons and commit himself to his goals.

He underscores that Trackhouse Racing will remain a significant presence in the racing scene for a long time. “We’re not going away. Like, we’re disruptive on track usually by my driving, but it goes with the disruptiveness of Justin and (co-owner) Pitbull and our leadership team doing things different, having a real presence in Nashville, keeping a presence there on Broadway for something outside of Charlotte and Concord and the Lake Norman area,” Chastain said, via

Trackhouse racing and its future

Chastain has immense optimism for the future of his team. With each passing day, they dedicate themselves to working harder, striving to go in the right direction. The next season holds the promise of bringing a wealth of excitement, providing the perfect stage to witness the true power and potential of Trackhouse Racing unfold.

As they prepare for the challenges ahead, Chastain and the team are motivated to make a significant impact, with their determination and commitment to the NASCAR scene.
“Our shop’s in Concord and all of our employees are there except for Justin and the brain trust of the marketing side.

Yeah, I just love that we’re staying here and we’re continuing to be fast. Our processes are working. We trust ’em and we continue to see it through”. - Chastain concluded. It will be interesting to follow their progress in the next season, especially Chastain's performances.


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