Kevin Harvick Advocates for Higher Horsepower in NASCAR


Kevin Harvick Advocates for Higher Horsepower in NASCAR
Kevin Harvick Advocates for Higher Horsepower in NASCAR © James Gilbert / Getty Images Sport

The Next Gen car was specifically engineered with a 550 horsepower package, purportedly to alleviate engine costs and provide long-term financial relief for teams. However, Kevin Harvick, who recently retired from racing, holds a contrary viewpoint.

In a candid discussion on the Dale Jr. Download, Harvick expressed his disagreement with the notion that the 550 horsepower design effectively contributes to cost savings for teams. “Since we had the test of putting the 550 horsepower package on the car the cars have just become more aero-sensitive.

But if they were way too fast going into the corner you had to get way out of the throttle and do all the things that you used to do in the car with the entry speed and the grip levels, I think it would be – I wish they would just try it.

But I know it’s a massive undertaking for the manufacturers”. - Harvick said.

Kevin Harvick

Harvick couldn't help but mention shifting. He believes that higher horsepower would not be that big of an issue for the engine manufacturers.

In his perspective, the emphasis on reducing horsepower might not necessarily address the core challenges faced by the teams and the sport as a whole. During his discussion on the matter, Harvick highlighted the potential benefits of exploring higher horsepower, suggesting that it could bring about a more dynamic and engaging racing experience “Shifting is tough and when you added the fifth gear it made it possible because the ratios are closer together.

I think with the – I don’t know if you can take it away though because could you imagine being in the corner and just no power at all? Then it would be even worse. So, you’re kind of caught in these weird spots with gear ratios and things like that.

… I just think with the way the technology and the parts and everything that we do now, I don’t believe higher horsepower would be that big an issue for the engine manufacturers and we would take a step back on engine issues, but if a few engines blew up here and there, who cares?” Source:

Kevin Harvick