Ryan Blaney on the emotional reaction in the car after winning the championship


Ryan Blaney on the emotional reaction in the car after winning the championship
Ryan Blaney on the emotional reaction in the car after winning the championship © Christian Petersen / Getty Images Sport

Ryan Blaney could not hide his happiness after winning the championship. It is a dream that everyone dreams of, but few succeed in it. Blaney made it! Ryan spoke to FOX's Bob Pockrass about his emotions after the win. Even while he was in the car, his emotions began to rise, and he could not hold back the tears in his eyes.

All the people who helped him to reach this degree passed through his mind. Blaney doesn't forget that. “It doesn’t ever work because your hands are already sweaty. So you’re just wiping sweat in your eyes,” Blaney was clear about wiping away tears.

“But I definitely got emotional. I started tearing up on the last lap a little bit and then once I crossed the finish line, it was hard getting everything out because I went back and was thinking of all the people who helped me get to this point, everyone through my early days — late model career, Tommy Baldwin who helped me out so much, Brad [Keselowski] gave me a shot, Roger [Penske], all the people who put in to give me a shot." Winning NASCAR looked like moments in which individuals experience death.

In a second, all the moments from their lives pass by. Blaney just felt that way. The only difference is that such memories caused euphoria and happiness in him. “You just start thinking about it and thanking them and thinking about the days you just got started and would you ever think you’d make it to where you are now.

That part I think was the most emotional for me”.


While the season's beginning hinted at challenges for Blaney and his team, displaying moments that suggested a slump, their ultimate success underscored the transformative power of persistence and passion.

Despite early setbacks, the team's great commitment to their goals became the driving force to achieve a triumph. The season, initially clouded by uncertainties, unfolded as a testament to the team's resilience and shared determination to overcome obstacles and secure success.

“Internally, in our group, there was a lot of pride to be felt because we won the 600 in Charlotte, things are looking pretty decent [in May], and then we just go through a little time of just struggling and just having no speed.

And it can get frustrating internally and with us, too, because it’s like, where are we getting beat? What’s the biggest part of us lacking speed, where do we go? " Everyone on the team gave their best. He is proud of all the individuals who have merit in this success!

“And everyone just did a lot of hard work. Should be proud of the work they put in through the end of the summer to get to the playoffs. They had a deadline. We were like, we need to find something to be competitive in the playoffs because how we’re running right now is not going to get the job done… Did the job.

They met that deadline. And once the playoffs rolled around, we found the speed we needed to. Especially in the last half of the playoffs”. Source: on3.com

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