Ryan Blaney Reflects on Encounter with Ross Chastain Post-Race

“We actually saw each other after the race,” Blaney said

by Sead Dedovic
Ryan Blaney Reflects on Encounter with Ross Chastain Post-Race
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The Ryan Blaney-Ross Chastain battle at the last race caused a large number of reactions. While there are those who believe that Chastain did the right thing with blocking and winning, there are also many who are furious with his driving style.

For Blaney, the most important thing is that he won the championship. After making statements to the media, Blaney and Chastain met. They both laughed. It is clear that there is no bad blood between them. The fact is that they succeeded in their goals, and that is the most important thing.

We actually saw each other after the race,” Blaney said to Bob Pockrass of Fox Sports. “And we laughed about it. We joked about it. And I congratulated him for winning the race and he congratulated me for winning the title and we were fine.

We were joking about it afterward when I saw him leaving the media center. ”

Ryan Blaney: I congratulated Chastain

Both congratulated each other on their success. They are the best example that there doesn't always have to be tension in NASCAR.

Blaney probably forgot about everything immediately after lifting the trophy. He achieved the goal he always dreamed of. “He was leaving the media center and I was walking in there and we were just joking around and laughing about it.

We were fine with it. I congratulated him and he congratulated me and we were good. We just laughed about it afterward”. After the race, Blaney emphasized that he grew up in a family that left a huge mark on the NASCAR scene.

Watching his father race, Blaney wanted to be in his shoes. He succeeded in that! “Obviously I come from a family of racers, my grandfather, dad and uncle,” Blaney said. “Dad is obviously who I grew up watching and admiring, wanted to be like.

To be able to do what he did, ’cause as a kid I just wanted to do what dad did, so to be able to race and let alone compete for wins and championships, still have my parents around, people that you look up to that are still around, it makes it even more special”.

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