Dale Earnhardt Jr. Believes Carson Hocevar's Talent Keeps Him in NASCAR


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Believes Carson Hocevar's Talent Keeps Him in NASCAR
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Believes Carson Hocevar's Talent Keeps Him in NASCAR © Meg Oliphant / Getty Images Sport

Carson Hocevar is a talented NASCAR driver who has attracted significant attention for his performances. Throughout this season, Hocevar has, on several occasions, pushed the limits, sparking criticism from both fellow drivers and fans.

The reasons behind Hocevar's aggressive behavior remain a source of confusion for many. Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently discussed Hocevar on his podcast, acknowledging the young driver's talent and considerable skill. However, Earnhardt Jr.

also recognizes that Hocevar's temperament poses a significant challenge. The fact that he is relatively young is likely the reason this great driver continues to be a part of the NASCAR scene. “Not to harp on Carson Hocevar too much, but I compliment him because of his ability, right? Imagine him with this activity and not the ability that he has.

He’d be out. His career would be in the trash. The only reason why anybody, the only reason why he still has a hope of a career is because he really does have genuine speed and ability, the dude is fast and if he fixes all these issues, he becomes the champ he wants to be”.

- Earnhardt said on The Dale Jr. Download.

Denny Hamlin reacts to Hocevar's driving style

Denny Hamlin also criticized Carson's aggressive driving style a few weeks ago. Many criticize him for this, but he continues as before.

Many people ask until when? “There wasn’t much else that caught really my eye, to really bring out, other really than dammit, Carson Hocevar. He’s losing his mind again,” Hamlin said. “I just said last week, I was singing his praises about what he was doing in the Truck Series, but I’ve now seen consecutive weeks in Cup, where he’s driving like an idiot,” Hamlin said.

“I come up to lap him, and he’s running into people. He’s pinching people down. I don’t know what he’s doing. He’s got his ride for next year. What is he — you’re just pissing people off for no reason.

Source: on3.com

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