Kyle Petty's interesting reaction to the Blaney, Chastain duel


Kyle Petty's interesting reaction to the Blaney, Chastain duel
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Ross Chastain and Ryan Blaney's battle in the last race in Phoenix caused interest. Although many expected that Chastain could 'give in', and that Blaney could become the winner of the race, that did not happen. Chastain fought until the very end.

It was clear that he had a huge desire to win. Reactions to his fighting spirit and blocking were mixed. Kyle Petty doesn't understand why many resent Chastain, given that his motive was to win as always. “What everybody’s talking about is race etiquette.

Did Ross Chastain do anything wrong? Did Ryan Blaney do anything wrong? One’s running for a championship, one’s running for a race win. His second race win of the year. It’s only fitting that the spoiler is, and the person we’re talking about, is Ross Chastain.

He’s been a thorn in the side of just about everybody in the sport, since he started winning races with Trackhouse Racing. We saw it on multiple occasions, and we heard it on the radio. Well we didn’t really hear it, we just heard a bunch of beeps from Ryan Blaney’s radio."

Ryan Blaney's move

Blaney's move during the race caused controversy.

Many people wonder if it is okay that Blaney gets in the back of Ross Chastain. Judging by Petty's words, he sees nothing controversial in that. By doing so, Blaney sent a clear message to his competitor. NASCAR sometimes brings such scenes and excitement, and many believe that such things are the charm of this sport.

The thrill of close competition, daring moves, and strategic plays adds a layer of excitement that sets NASCAR apart.

“Finally, in between one and two, he gets in the back of Ross Chastain. He just bumps him hard. He was asked post-race, ‘Was that on purpose?’ And he said, ‘Yes, it was on purpose.’ And it was on purpose.

It was so blatant. But is that right? Is that right for him to roll in and do it? I believe yes. I believe it’s okay for him to roll in and get into Ross, and try to get Ross upset, and try to get Ross out of the way. I also believe it’s okay for Ross Chastain to take away the line of the second place car, which was Ryan Blaney. No matter whether he’s running for a championship or not”. Source:

Kyle Petty