Denny Hamlin gets candid about Ross Chastain's performance and blocking in Phoenix

“Yeah, I think he’s racing for a win. I think it is fair"

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin gets candid about Ross Chastain's performance and blocking in Phoenix
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Ross Chastain's statement after the race in Phoenix and the duel with Ryan Blaney caused a huge number of reactions. While many find Chastain arrogant, there are those who believe he did the right thing. Denny Hamlin emphasized in his Actions Detrimental podcast that he agree with Blaney.

“I agree with what he said. I’d probably say the same thing. It’s not my job to care about your championship. They put me on the track today to go win a race. So I did my job. That’s probably the right attitude to have.

”-Hamlin said. Denny Hamlin underscored the significance of Ross Chastain's victory, highlighting its crucial importance in Chastain's racing journey. Hamlin urged fans and critics alike to consider the perspective of the passionate driver, emphasizing that Chastain approached the race with a hunger for success.

Eager to deliver an amazing performance and achieve victory, Chastain's determination proved to be great, displaying a willingness to go to any lengths to achieve his ultimate goal.
“Yeah, I think he’s racing for a win.

I think it is fair. It's unfortunate, because it could play a role in the No. 5 catching the No. 12, because inevitably, if you’re the leader and you’re holding up traffic, everyone’s going to come to you. What it then allows, the No.

12 is going to burn up its stuff trying to get around the No. 1, and then the No. 5 will creep his way in, back into the picture, and then could put a move on him, if his stuff is cooler, because he’s been in open track, while he’s been catching him.

But you know, you’ve got to think of this from Chastain’s perspective. He’s had a rough, with the exception of one race, up until this point at Nashville, it just has, he’s not been the Ross that we’ve come to know."

Denny Hamlin on Ross Chastain

Chastain was willing to do anything to win this race.

His dedication and will have always been something special, and he confirmed that this time as well. Although many criticize him for various things, Chastain can be an example for many NASCAR drivers. “So then he finds himself up front, because they were fast in practice, they qualified well and they drove to the front.

He’s like, ‘I could win the finale. This is a big deal.’ No way he’s pulling over. Which is why he aero-blocked as hard as he did. It won him the race. How could you possibly say that that move was wrong? You can’t.

It’s just, if the final four are going to continue to be out there with other cars, you’re going to deal with this. It’s part of it. It’s why you don’t have four cars out there racing at once. The other cars play a factor in sometimes who wins”.


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