Kevin Harvick's Post-Retirement Ambitions Unveiled

“I’m not going to disappear"- Harvick said

by Sead Dedovic
Kevin Harvick's Post-Retirement Ambitions Unveiled
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Although many believe that Kevin Harvick will completely disappear from the scene by leaving NASCAR, things will not be like that. In an interview with FOX's Bob Pockrass, Harvick revealed that he still has plans to be a part of NASCAR, first as part of FOX and then in other ways.

His plans will largely depend on his son and his racing schedule. Harvick thinks that most of them can hardly find themselves in other fields after the end of NASCAR. “That all depends on [my son] Keelan’s racing schedule.

If he’s racing, I’ll be at a racetrack. For a lot of the guys that have retired or not driven anymore, I think, for us, we have a very different plan because racing is our life. And I learned a long time ago when we tried to do other businesses and different things that we didn’t really understand how to do anything else other than race,” Harvick said.

“So we’ve really structured the post-driving career around racing. We have a super late model team, two late model stock teams, we have Keelan’s racing, we have the golf-cart business that’s very racing-oriented.

We have the management company that will have nine or 10 drivers and sponsors. "- he said. Although he has finished his racing career, his love for motorsport cannot disappear. He will be part of the whole story, even as a spectator.

“There was no way that I was walking away from 30-some years of relationships that we’ve built through the years [and] with Keelan’s racing. I like being around people that are in racing. For me, post-driving is still racing.

And that is what I like to do. “

Kevin Harvick

Harvick believes that even after the end of his career he has not finished his duties, and he still wants to be at the races, even as a spectator. His goal is to meet fans and broaden his horizons.

Moreover, Harvick boasts an exceptional relationship with NASCAR executives, which allows him to continue contributing to the sport's growth and development while also nurturing connections with the people who steer its future.

“I’m not going to disappear. My goal is to try not to go more than three or four weeks without being at the racetrack, even if I’m not in the TV booth because we still have a responsibility with our drivers and sponsors and people that we represent to go and stay relevant and pay attention to what they’re doing in the car.

And one of the ways that we got to where we are is by shaking hands and having conversations and meeting new people and taking it in from a different perspective. Whether it’s people in the garage or even NASCAR. I’ve developed such a good relationship with the folks from NASCAR from top to bottom that I like being around everybody from those things that we do.

We’re still going to be heavily involved on the racing side. I’m just not driving”. Source:

Kevin Harvick