Denny Hamlin reacts to Bubba Wallace's best season

Bubba Wallace had the best season of his career

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin reacts to Bubba Wallace's best season
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Bubba Wallace had the best season of his career, making the NASCAR playoffs and looking great in many moments. He finished the season 10th in the points standings. Speaking on his Actions Detrimental podcast, Denny Hamlin commented on Wallace's season.

Hamlin is pleased with the performance of Tyler Reddick and Buba Wallace and believes that they have made tremendous progress. This will certainly be a huge motivation for both of them to continue even stronger next season.

“Bubba for the second season in a row drove a car to the top-10 in the playoff system. Great job, they [Wallace and Tyler Reddick] continue to get better… I think that he had a solid 10 weeks. I think he ran about like he did during the regular season where he had some top 5s, some top 10s and that’s kind of what they were for the most part of the whole year and he just continued that through the playoffs.

So, it’s really a good thing how they performed. They were very consistent. That team got better on pit road this year. Still got some improvement to make”. - Hamlin said.

Bubba Wallace's Instagram post

Bubba Wallace, despite having the best season of his career, doesn't seem to be happy.

In his Instagram post (which he later deleted), Wallace emphasized that he felt a touch of sadness after everything. Although he is aware that he had the best season, and that his friend won the championship, Wallace can't help but feel sad.

“Currently 3:42am.. [sic] sitting here on the couch questioning everything and I have no idea why. Climbed from the car today with little to no emotion,” Wallace wrote. “Frustrated with how our race ended and ending the #6 team’s top10 run.

You would think your bud winning the championship would bring that joy and excitement back. Sadly it did not. You would think having a career year and capping it off with P10 in points would bring the happiness back. Sadly it did not." Music is a tool that obviously helps Wallace.

He still hopes and believes that the new day brings better stories. “I’ve always said music is my go to for the dark moments.. 5 hour plane ride back and I rode in complete silence for 2.5 of those. It’s the helpless feeling that really kicks wife can see that I’m off but I don’t have the what or the why that I’m feeling this way to allow her to help me…" To my peeps out there starting at a blank wall, I’m with you.

Tomorrow is another day. Another opportunity. Keep after it. ‘We gon be alright.’” Source:

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