Denny Hamlin reveals whether Ryan Blaney deservedly won the championship

Denny Hamlin had no chance to win the championship this season

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin reveals whether Ryan Blaney deservedly won the championship
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Ryan Blaney managed to win his first championship after years of effort. Denny Hamlin emphasized in his "Actions Detrimental" podcast that he expected this outcome. Hamlin put special emphasis on Blaney's car, which has been dominant this season, highlighting how Blaney's consistent performance behind the wheel ultimately paid off in securing the championship he had long aspired to achieve.

“I thought that the 12 was methodical in making his way to the front,” Hamlin said. “It was only a matter of time before he got there. If he ever controlled the race, it was going to be a snoozer — I think he was by far the best.

… I think the best car of the race won the championship”.

Ryan Blaney on his team

Blaney is delighted with his team that never wanted to give up, even when it was the hardest. Even though things weren't ideal from the start, Team Penske believed in him and the fact that they could make a big result.

Ryan is grateful to everyone who has merit in winning the championship. Their patience, belief, and hard work were key in making the dream of winning the championship a reality “You never want to count yourself out. I mean, I think in the summer we were struggling a little bit.

But we never gave up. We just went to work. I’ve said that all week, like, this group goes to work and they figure out problems. That’s why they’re such an amazing group to be with, with the Team Penske folks, ’cause they just put their head down and do the work, accept the challenge.

That’s what we did. It’s not happenstance we started running good through the playoffs. It was a lot of hard work by a lot of amazing men and women at the shop. I can’t thank them enough for that”. Source:

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