Kevin Harvick Reflects on the Conclusion of His Career


Kevin Harvick Reflects on the Conclusion of His Career
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Kevin Harvick's exit from the NASCAR scene left a sense of sadness among many fans and enthusiasts. This great NASCAR driver will say goodbye to this sport after 22 seasons. Harvick made his debut in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2001, when he replaced Earnhardt.

Since then, Harvick has made history and become one of the sport's greatest. In an interview with the media, Kevin confirmed that he is still not overly emotional about leaving NASCAR. “I have not. For me, it’s all been just one week at a time, much as I would approach it in the past.

It’s always one week at a time. And we had such a great plan coming into the season, with the whole team and everybody who’s been involved in the last year of what we wanted to accomplish. And I feel like we accomplished all those things."- Harvick said.

For him, the most important thing is that in his 22-year-long Cup Series career, he did great things, left a mark, and has no reason to regret anything. Harvick has no anxiety about the fact that it's all over. “I’ve been fortunate to be successful on the track and off the track, and I think having that closure of being able to end how you wanted to end it, it’s just different than the way a lot of people do it, right? A lot of people going into their last season, when they don’t have something, [they] have that anxiety.

I have not had any anxiety about being done with it because that’s just the plan. And the next chapter is already starting”.

Rodney Childers reacts to Harvick's retirement

Crew chief Rodney Childers expressed his sadness through social media considering that the story between him and Harvick will end.

There are many beautiful memories behind them. “Well, just loaded the last hot rod. It’s been a very emotional day to say the least. So proud of KH and every single person on this race team. It’s hard to believe it’s almost over, but man have we done some incredible things as a team”.


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