Denny Hamlin angry at Joey Logano

"The only issue I really had was with [Joey] Logano knocking out Ty [Gibbs] there and knocking Ty into me"

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin angry at Joey Logano
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Denny Hamlin was disappointed with Joey Logano's behavior during the Martinsville race. Namely, at one point Logano wrecked into Ty Gibbs, after which Hamlin also had contact with Gibbs. Speaking to Bob Pockrass of Fox Sports, Hamlin was candid and revealed his thoughts on Joey Logano's move.

Hamlin is aware that individuals play interesting games and have their own goals. “No and nobody was [giving me a break]. I was watching them with all the guys. There’s definitely a lot of games getting played with teammates racing certain ways but that’s their prerogative.

They’re allowed to do that and there’s nothing against it. It’s advantageous for you to do that. "- Denny Hamlin said.

Denny Hamlin on Joey Logano's performance

Hamlin was disappointed with Logano's performance, as he and Blaney wanted to secure their place in the next round.

Denny believes that the two of them deserved their chance to make it to the final round. However, NASCAR is such a sport where you never know when such situations will arise, and you always have to be careful. Talking over the radio, Denny didn't mince words when he mentioned Logano.

“The only issue I really had was with [Joey] Logano knocking out Ty [Gibbs] there and knocking Ty into me. I just thought that some more respect could be had for guys that – myself and the 12 [Ryan Blaney] are trying to earn a spot in the final four and I thought that we deserved a chance to race it amongst ourselves and not have somebody else in there knocking cars around”.

Denny Hamlin will not be part of Championship 4. Although he had great optimism and hope that he could really secure a place in the next round, he had to accept that this race was the end for him. We have no doubt that Hamlin has the strength to come back stronger after everything.

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