1 dead, 1 hurt in "on-track incident" at Daytona Speedway


1 dead, 1 hurt in "on-track incident" at Daytona Speedway
1 dead, 1 hurt in "on-track incident" at Daytona Speedway © Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images Sport

Daytona International Speedway witnessed a tragic incident. During yesterday's Audi Club track rental session, one of the drivers lost his life in an on-track incident, while another driver sustained injuries. In response, Daytona International Speedway provided a statement to NBC, expressing their condolences to the deceased driver's family and highlighting their commitment to investigating the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate tragedy.

“We are saddened by the passing of a driver after they were transported to an area medical facility following an on-track incident during today’s Audi Club track rental session. Additionally, our thoughts are with the driver who was injured during the same incident.

Daytona International Speedway will coordinate with both Audi Club and local authorities during their investigation into the cause of the accident”. - Daytona International Speedway wrote.

International GT's statement

The event was partially organized in collaboration with International GT.

They also expressed their shock at what happened. In addition, they expressed their condolences to the family of the deceased. “We confirm the death of a driver who was transported to a local hospital after an incident during International GT’s practice session at Daytona International Speedway.

A second driver involved in the incident was also transported to a local hospital. Our deepest sympathies go to the family of the driver who has passed. We would like to give our well wishes to the second driver during their recovery”.

Such tragedies speak volumes about the danger of NASCAR as well as other motorsports. In the next few days, an extensive investigation will be conducted to determine the cause of this tragedy. We hope that there will be as few situations as possible on NASCAR tracks in the future. This is also an alarm for many to be as careful as possible, and to realize how important their lives are.