Jeff Gordon on the arrival of Michael Jordan and the Pit Bull in the NASCAR world

Michael Jordan and the Pit Bull created a great atmosphere by taking over teams in NASCAR

by Sead Dedovic
Jeff Gordon on the arrival of Michael Jordan and the Pit Bull in the NASCAR world
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The arrival of famous faces on the NASCAR scene caused different reactions among fans. Michael Jordan and Pitbull are one of them. Both of them saw a certain perspective in NASCAR and decided to invest their money and create teams that could achieve the greatest success.

Jeff Gordon, former driver of Hendrick Motorsports, commented on the "star owners" in an interview with Bob Pockrass of Fox Sports and revealed whether they are spoiling his marketing and plans. Gordon believes that the situation is much different now than when he was a NASCAR driver; “First of all, I’m not in an attention-seeking position.

That was different as a driver — you’re trying to attract sponsors or keep your sponsors happy and fans and all those things. We love the brand that we have, and we want to maintain that."

Jeff Gordon on Michael Jordan and Pit Bull

Gordon has nothing against such owners.

Even more, he believes that such individuals are an opportunity for NASCAR as a sport to progress. The fact is they are competitors on the track. On the other hand, each of them has the goal of helping NASCAR to progress and attract as much attention as possible.

"But when Michael Jordan and Pitbull and others like that come into the sport, it grows the sport. It makes it better for all of us. I’d like to think we’re competitors on the track with the other teams. But off the track, I feel like we’re all on the same team to build the sport”.

There are indications that many celebrities could decide on a similar move and invest their money in NASCAR. It will be interesting to follow the situation on the big stage in the coming period and to see what the plans of the NASCAR leaders are.

It is clear that they want to work a lot on marketing in the coming period. The arrival of the likes of Jordan and Pit Bull is certainly great marketing for NASCAR.


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