Denny Hamlin on the NASCAR documentary and the Netflix crew


Denny Hamlin on the NASCAR documentary and the Netflix crew
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Formula 1: Drive to Survive caused a large number of reactions. This documentary changed the image of F1 for many, as they were able to see the situation outside the TV screen and see for themselves what was happening 'behind the screen'

A similar documentary is planned for the NASCAR Playoffs in 2023. Speaking on his Actions Detrimental podcast, Denny Hamlin emphasized that the situation is quite interesting. Several people from the crew are following him and filming.

Hamlin decided to talk openly about everything. “It’s going good. I’ve been very open to those guys, and certainly, if you’ve seen around the race-track, they’ve usually got a couple, about three guys, following us around, and it’s — I don’t know how many crews they have, but I’ve seen — I work specifically with this one crew.

I see that there’s alternate crews, of maybe like, two or three others. I’m not really sure. But I’m assigned this one, and they’ve been great to work with. All those guys are just like, awesome. Like I talk to them when we’re not filming.

They’re all really cool guys. So they’ve been following me around for, is it a couple months now? Yeah, it’s probably been a couple months. Few races before the start of the Playoffs. The intensity of them filming is going to keep ramping up, as it trickles down."- Hamlin said, as quoted by!

Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin thinks this is a great thing and another motivation to go as far as possible. This will be a great opportunity for NASCAR to gain even more popularity and cause a reaction from many. Although there are those NASCAR drivers who do not want such things, Hamlin believes that this will be very important for NASCAR.

“You always, you want to be, one of the goals in racing is you always want to be part of the story, the entire season. There’s a handful of them that got eliminated in the Round of 12. Even if you get eliminated in the Round of 8, you’re only irrelevant for one race, because you’re still part of the story for 35 of the 36 races.

So it’s really important, for us and certainly for our team, to participate in it. We think it’s a big part of a potential NASCAR growth moment. So we want to give them great access. You hear guys like Joey [Logano] saying, ‘I don’t like it, it’s a little too invasive.’ I mean, that’s where you’re going to get the content though, is letting them in on your day. Not changing what you do, just because film crews are around”.

Denny Hamlin