Kyle Larson surprised many with his strategy for the next two races


Kyle Larson surprised many with his strategy for the next two races
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Kyle Larson will perform in the next two races without pressure, considering that he secured a place in Championship 4. Many believe that Larson will not give his maximum in the next two races and that all the focus will be on Phoenix.

However, if the words of this great NASCAR driver are anything to go by, he is ready to show his best in the races to come. He does not want to relax, nor to be part of these races without a motive. “It’s nice to be locked in.

The points are really close, so it’s good to not have to worry about points, and just kind of go there and race our own race, and try to run upfront and make good decisions on the race track. But you know, I’m also — knowing that I’m locked in, I’m not going there and thinking that these next two races are throwaways.

I want to go there, have some good runs, potentially get another couple of wins, and roll into Phoenix with a lot of confidence and momentum, and try to go after our second championship”. - Larson said on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, as quoted by!

Denny Hamlin on Kyle Larson

In his Actions Detrimental podcast, Denny Hamlin commented on Kyle Larson's success and overlooked what they could expect from Larson in the next two races that are not important to him. Hamlin has huge expectations for Kyle, knowing how good he is.

Hamlin is of the opinion that Larson will take it easy in the next two races, and give all his focus to Phoenix. It will be the most important race for him and a chance to do great things. However, Larson is known as someone who never gives up, no matter what the advantages are.

It will be interesting to watch his performance. “What that means when some says, and you’ll see it a lot this week, Larson’s got an advantage. They’ll talk about Larson having an advantage because he can now shift his resources and thoughts into Phoenix,” Hamlin said.

“What that basically means is that he’s going to spend extra time, instead of doing a bunch of work for Homestead, and meeting with his crew chief about Homestead this, Homestead that, how can we do this, what’s our strategy — they’ll shift their focus into, what do we need to do to run well and win at Phoenix? You know, while it’s a very, very small advantage, it is still an advantage.

He’s not having to hyper-focus hours and hours and hours on, what’s our strategy for this race or that race, or Martinsville. What are we going to do there? Do we need to run extra sim time? It’s not historically been a great track for him. He can forget all that. Pass that up, and go right to Phoenix, and apply that extra time”.

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