Denny Hamlin: Kyle Larson didn't have any contenders


Denny Hamlin: Kyle Larson didn't have any contenders
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Denny Hamlin analyzed the last race in Las Vegas in his Actions Detrimental podcast. The winner of this race was Kyle Larson, who did himself a big favor with this win. Larson will be part of Championship 4, and he can perform without pressure in the following races.

Hamlin has no doubt that Kyle deservedly took the win, given that he was the best. Denny believes that Larson did not have many contenders in the fight for the victory. “Best car, best driver won. No question about it. He spanked the field at Texas, Kyle Larson did.

Backed it up with a really, really strong run at Vegas on Sunday. He really didn’t have, I mean, I was trying to think if he had some contenders throughout the day, but once he was out front, it didn’t look like there was many contenders, until the very end, with [Christopher] Bell.

I didn’t know if lapped traffic played a role in that or not. But yeah, I think that clearly, when it comes to the mile-and-a-halfs, he’s standout-ish. Even to his team. You look at the team cars, the No. 9, the No. 48 and the No.

24. He’s just been a gap ahead of those guys."- Hamlin said, as quoted by!

Kyle Larson

As we have already said, Larson can perform much more relaxed in the following races. His focus will be on Phoenix and he wants to make a big result there.

Kyle is aware that it won't be easy, but he is also aware that he is currently the leader. Larson has a good chance of winning the title. However, it is too early to prejudge what will happen. It is certain that we will have an exciting finale.

“They’ve got it going on right now, and now they can shift their focus towards Homestead. Or not Homestead, to Phoenix”.

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