Kyle Larson on his rivalry with Christopher Bell

"For him to continue to race me clean, I definitely have a ton of respect for him"

by Sead Dedovic
Kyle Larson on his rivalry with Christopher Bell
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Kyle Larson and Christopher Bell's rivalry continued in Las Vegas. Both drivers sometimes know how to be 'dirt' and want to get the most out of themselves. However, the race in Las Vegas was something else. Kyle Larson managed to win and expressed happiness for his success.

On the other hand, Larson is happy considering that Bell was a clean racer. Nice to see scenes like this in NASCAR. “Yeah, I mean, that was just me kind of showing respect and saying thanks in a way for having us race it out.

Obviously, I’m happy because I won, but he’s always been a really fair, clean racer. We’ve had numbers and numbers of battles in stockcars, but mostly in dirt track. I’m typically the one that is the aggressor or the aggressive one in our battles.

Probably push the limit of being dirty sometimes."- Larson said, as quoted by! Larson has tremendous respect for Bell. There are two reasons for this; Bell is a great driver who possesses top qualities. Besides that, Bell raced clean.

“For him to continue to race me clean, I definitely have a ton of respect for him. Always have. In my opinion, he’s one of the best race car drivers in the world, and could do everything that I get to do outside of NASCAR if his team would let him”.

Kyle Larson: He kicked my ass for a few years straight

Kyle Larson is happy to have such a rivalry, especially when it's fair. Larson emphasized that Bell had dominated him for years. Kyle believes that Bell is the reason why he has improved so much.

“I mean, he kicked my ass for a few years straight, like every race. I don’t know if I ever beat him. Yeah, he made me work really hard to get better as a driver, especially on the dirt track stuff. Yeah, we’ve had our run-ins along the way, just tight racing for wins and stuff.

Then now I feel like we actually get along and we talk quite a bit, then get to race with a lot of respect on Sundays on TV in front of millions of race fans. Yeah, it’s cool. Just need to get to race with a guy like that. I’m sure he’ll be one of the guys to beat at Phoenix, too, when he’s in the Final 4”.

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