Denny Hamlin on the 'surprises' of the Round of 12


Denny Hamlin on the 'surprises' of the Round of 12
Denny Hamlin on the 'surprises' of the Round of 12 © Jared C. Tilton / Getty Images Sport

Kyle Busch, Ross Chastain, Bubba Wallace, and Brad Keselowski are the drivers who failed to secure the Round of 8. Although expectations were mixed, it seemed that one of them might actually go all the way. Denny Hamlin discussed the NASCAR drivers who finished their journey this season on the "Actions Detrimental" podcast.

He put special emphasis on Kyle Busch. Hamlin believes that Kyle gave his best. However, that was not enough for any greater success. “I was telling the people on the bus and I was like, ‘Man, if Kyle [Busch] wins,’ and I was looking and there was like, two or three people within two or three points, like who would get knocked out, we could have a major favorite be knocked out.

It could be [Kyle] Larson. It could be [Martin] Truex. It would’ve put this whole thing upside-down. But it didn’t. I think Kyle [Busch] gave it really everything he had. They’ve been top five material, most all the road courses this year, but you heard in his interview, he said, this is about what we had.

I agree with that. I think he drove it to the absolute limit of what it was capable of. He had nothing else left in the tank. So his Playoffs end. He even mentioned that Talladega and Texas are the ones that really caused this to happen.

Not this one weekend. I agree with that."- he said, as quoted by!

Denny Hamlin: There were no real surprises I guess

Denny Hamlin is not particularly surprised with the names that will not progress to the next round.

During the race, he had a great focus, and it seemed to him that one of them could really go a step further. However, many people lacked the 'one more step' in order to achieve success. They are all quality NASCAR drivers, but sometimes it takes more than that to achieve a huge success.

“[Ross] Chastain. He gets knocked out. It was interesting. I was watching him at the end of the race, because he was making tons of moves towards the front. He pitted, like Bubba [Wallace] did, hoping for a caution. Got it. Then he drove through the field really, really well.

Again, he had a 20-some lap advantage on tires, but he was making it interesting. I kept watching the bubble like, well he’s minus-27. Next thing you know, he’s like minus-13, 14. I’m like, ‘Man.’ Truex at that time, he’s just struggling.

He’s just trying to keep it on the race track. I’m like, ‘Man.’ Then you’ve got Busch battling for the lead. Certainly a lot to look at there. But there were no real surprises I guess, from my standpoint, out of this round”.

Denny Hamlin