Denny Hamlin delighted with Bubba Wallace maturity and humbleness


Denny Hamlin delighted with Bubba Wallace maturity and humbleness
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What many notice is that Bubba Wallace gives his maximum during every race and wants to show the world how good he is. Sometimes, in order to achieve your goal, luck has to follow you. Bubba Wallace obviously lacks luck sometimes.

The best example was the Charlotte Roval race. Experienced NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin commented on Wallace's performance in the last race on his Actions Detrimental podcast. Hamlin emphasized that it was probably his best road course performance.

However, he fell short for the next round. “I’ve got to give kudos to Bubba. Let me be a homer here. He did a phenomenal job this weekend. Qualified up front. Stage points, both stages. Which is hard, by the way. Because you’re going to have to come back to the front.

Drove back up to P16. So I thought it was one of the best road course races, probably the best road course race he’s driven. Just came up short."- Hamlin said, as quoted by!

Denny Hamlin: Great job by Bubba and that team

Apart from Bubba Wallace's impressive performance, Denny Hamlin also commended him for his "human side." Despite the circumstances, many anticipated Wallace to express his frustration after the race.

Surprisingly, Bubba remained composed and expressed gratitude for the support he received. Following the race, Wallace shared an insightful message on social media, emphasizing the importance of accepting things as they are.

“Not having any Playoff points going into this Playoffs, it was always going to be stacked against him, every round he started anyways. But I think he, man. The maturity he showed during the weekend. The great interview he had after the race.

Just being, very matter of fact. Respectful. Very humble. Great job by Bubba and that team, even though they aren’t moving on”. Wallace has obviously changed his attitude and mentality.

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