Denny Hamlin: NASCAR schedule frustration over fan priority


Denny Hamlin: NASCAR schedule frustration over fan priority
Denny Hamlin: NASCAR schedule frustration over fan priority © Sean Gardner / Getty Images Sport

In his 'Actions Detrimental' podcast, Denny Hamlin shared his thoughts on NASCAR's schedule changes for 2024. Hamlin is evidently displeased with the alterations introduced by NASCAR executives, believing that some of these decisions are far from ideal.

“There were some moves by NASCAR in the playoffs that I didn’t agree with either. I didn’t see many that thought this was a good idea in the spirit of competition”. - Denny Hamlin said. This great NASCAR driver finds it perplexing why so much attention is directed toward fans and their demands.

Hamlin appears to believe that NASCAR drivers should also have a say in these changes. "NASCAR did it for fans to have a good time”. Well, why are we racing in Georgia in February? I don’t even know that they even put the fans first that much.

I mean putting Atlanta in February”. - Hamlin continued.

Denny Hamlin on the Daytona 400 changes

The main grievance revolved around the Daytona 400 regular-season finale and its swap with Darlington. Hamlin also voiced his frustration, deeming these decisions as both ridiculous and illogical.

Nevertheless, he acknowledges his limited influence over such matters at this time.
“I don’t know, I just can’t make sense of the change, not just moving it out from the regular season, but moving it, one week.

I guess what explanation, again, I’m just using [NASCAR’s] Ben Kennedy’s media availability here to try to rationale with the thinking of this. Is that, well Labor Day weekend at Darlington, means a lot. Who gives a about that? I don’t get it!” NASCAR executives frequently engage in experimentation and occasionally make decisions that aren't well-received.

It's a reality that many of these decisions fall short of the ideal, but there's often little recourse. Change is an inherent aspect of every sport, and we must adapt and accept it.

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