Bubba Wallace: Being at peace with the trials and tribulations is a weird thing


Bubba Wallace: Being at peace with the trials and tribulations is a weird thing
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As a result of Sunday's race at Charlotte Motor Speedway's Road Course, Bubba Wallace finished 16th overall. As a result of that, Bubba lost the opportunity to be a part of the Round of 8. Bubba Wallace also celebrated his 30th birthday.

Bubba knew that life isn't always a perfect place, and although many assumed he would vent his anger, Bubba accepted that things don't always go as planned.
“I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason.

Bummed, but I accept that it just wasn’t meant to be. Being at peace with the trials and tribulations is a weird thing. 30 … is that you? Appreciate the bday love and the continued support. Y’all be safe”.

- he wrote.

Bubba Wallace

Throughout the course of his career, Bubba Wallace has shown many times how much he cares about what he does. The race was full of emotion for him, and he enjoyed many moments throughout it. It is clear to him that there are a number of factors that will determine whether you will succeed or not in life.

Most importantly, the fact that he does not seem to be angry with his team is all that matters. The next challenges that await him in his career will definitely keep him motivated in the months and years to come. “Texas.

That’s what I thought about after we got spun there. You know this weekend was incredible. Just from the effort, from the team, from myself it’s just all clicking, right? It felt really good to be competitive and run up front and pass cars on road courses and not be passed, there’s a lot to look at.

But what I analyze is, what could I have done to not be in that situation? Could I have been faster around another car, gotta be better to not put yourself where you’re racing around there with squirrels. Is what it is.

Just didn’t have enough and it wasn’t in the cards and I guess that’s what 30 is. I’m not mad, I’m happy for the team, I’m pumped for our season, it’s not over with yet. I’m really excited for next week and Homestead, Martinsville – Phoenix? Eh.

I might just go on vacation then. We still got four races to go out and do it. So, proud of the team, I appreciate that”.

Bubba Wallace