Denny Hamlin reacts to the sale of Kyle Busch Motorsports


Denny Hamlin reacts to the sale of Kyle Busch Motorsports
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In the latest episode of his Actions Detrimental podcast, Denny Hamlin mentioned a piece of news that he found interesting from the NASCAR scene. According to the report, Kyle Busch has finalized the sale of Kyle Busch Motorsports to Spire Motorsports and Jeff Dickerson, who is a co-owner of the company.

Hamlin emphasized that Busch and Dickerson already had a good relationship. The fact that Dickerson has made tremendous progress to date and has taken his job seriously is what makes Denny particularly impressed with him. It is Jeff's goal to accomplish great things, and he has no fear of anyone along the way.

“Some big news, KBM sold to Spire. They had a press conference this week, and Jeff Dickerson was up on the podium, Kyle Busch was up on the podium. They actually had a previous relationship as a driver-spotter. So Jeff Dickerson sure has come a long way, from a spotter on the roof to buying $40 million charters, and buying truck teams.

So happy for the Spire guys. One of the things that he said that certainly caught my eye was, ‘We want to be taken seriously. How many more moves do we have to make to be taken seriously, that we are trying to compete, and we are trying to get to the top of this sport."

Jeff Dickerson invested a lot of money

Jeff Dickerson has invested a lot of money, and he doesn't want to joke around.

He is aware that his team can do great things. "I think that’s a very, very good statement he made, and it’s true. I mean, they’ve now invested a lot, a lot, a lot of money into this sport. Obviously, they want to be better.

They’re not happy with where they’re at. They want to be one of the best two or three car teams, or three-car team, I guess now." Denny Hamlin also predicts great things for them and believes that this project will turn out to be a complete success.

“So I really applaud what they’ve done over there, and certainly think that this move is a move that sets them up to be a contender, let’s say that, a contender for a Playoff spot in the future”.

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