Ross Chastain reacts to media captions and call outs by colleagues

“I’m good, man. I’ve got too much work to do"

by Sead Dedovic
Ross Chastain reacts to media captions and call outs by colleagues
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The NASCAR driver Ross Chastain is someone who is mentioned quite a bit in the media in different contexts as he is a very popular driver. There are many people who don't like his behavior and approach. In addition, other NASCAR drivers as well as team owners often criticize Chastain.

The brilliant Chastain, however, does not seem to want to spend much time denying the information being presented to the public or analyzing the captions being given by the media. The most important thing, according to him, is to prove every bit of his ability on the NASCAR tracks as much as he can.

According to Chastain, responding to social media posts is a waste of time and that it is not worth the effort. His goal is to use his time in the best way possible and dedicate himself fully to his success.

Ross Chastain's statement

“I’m good, man.

I’ve got too much work to do. I don’t know what a response to anything said about me is going to do. It would be easy, sure. It would be easy to fire back on Twitter or go on a radio show or podcast and respond to stuff that’s been said about me, and I am sure that it would get a big response.

A lot of clicks and likes and dislikes and whatever. For a few hours, maybe a day. But the next day, you know what? I would still have the same work to do, and now I’d be a day behind because I spent it doing all of that stuff that doesn’t matter.

The work matters”. - Chastain told ESPN. “The best response is in results, and the only way to achieve results is through hard work”. Charlotte Roval will be a good opportunity for Chastain to present his qualities and show what he can do at this moment. The fact that he has the potential to accomplish great things is undeniable.

Ross Chastain