Kevin Harvick on the last races in his career and emotions


Kevin Harvick on the last races in his career and emotions
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The NASCAR season is winding down, and Kevin Harvick is one of the drivers we won't be seeing as full-time drivers in the next season. This experienced NASCAR driver left a big mark. However, every story must have its end. This will be Harvick's last season, and it seems that he still has a problem describing how he feels.

In an interview with FOX's Bob Pockrass, he emphasized that the situation this season is very complex. It seems that Harvick has a totally different mindset this season, and that he sees things in a completely different way.

“There’s way more to it than just winning and losing. It’s the most interesting thing I’ve ever been a part of because there’s so much more to it. And it would take me hours to sit here and explain it to everybody.

Everything that comes with the whole picture this year is much more complex than a win or a loss — in how you represent yourself and the things that you say, and the things that you do, and all that goes with it”.

- Harvick said, as quoted by!

Kevin Harvick and his disqualification

Kevin Harvick was disqualified from the Talladega NASCAR Playoff race due to an unfastened windshield. Stewart-Haas Racing team immediately sent a message and stressed that they would work on the problem; “At the completion of the race, not all of our windshield fasteners were secure, as we had bolts that hold the windshield in place back out over the course of the 500 miles.

We are in the process of diagnosing why this happened and how to prevent it moving forward. We are disappointed in NASCAR’s decision to disqualify our racecar and the hard-earned finish by our driver and team, but we will not appeal.

Our complete focus is on the remaining races on this year’s schedule”. It's too late for some things now, but this will be a lesson for them.

Kevin Harvick