Denny Hamlin excited about the Brickyard oval on the calendar!


Denny Hamlin excited about the Brickyard oval on the calendar!
Denny Hamlin excited about the Brickyard oval on the calendar! © Sean Gardner / Getty Images Sport

The Brickyard 400 will once again be a part of the NASCAR calendar, and Denny Hamlin is one of the happiest about that. NASCAR fans will have the opportunity to watch a Cup Series race at Iowa Speedway for the first time. Many are excited and believe that such a race will bring a lot of excitement.

In his "Actions Detrimental" podcast, Hamlin expressed his satisfaction with such moves of the NASCAR leaders and believes that this will generate enormous interest from the public. “We know we’re going to the Brickyard oval, that’s a great move, certainly a fan of that.

Really all the moves they’ve made so far, me as a driver, I love the moves. I think that it’s good, you’re kinda getting back to what what our identity is as a sport going back to the Bristol concrete. Brickyard we got going from racing in the infield to back to the oval.

That’s great, because that’s the more historic facility. And if we go to Iowa, sounds like we are… I think that the crowd will be packed. To me, that will be no question that it will be a sold-out event”.

- Hamlin said.

Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski is happy that NASCAR will return to Iowa. He emphasized that the crowd is eager to watch the races again. There are many passionate motorsports fans in Iowa who look forward to the race.

Keselowski has experience with races in Iowa, so he has no doubts that it will be exciting. “For years, the Iowa community has patiently waited for the NASCAR Cup Series to come to town. It is with great pleasure for all of the racing community to announce they will finally see that dream come together.

Iowa truly is a hotbed for motorsports fans, I saw that enthusiasm firsthand in 2009 for the inaugural NASCAR Xfinity Series race, and can’t wait to see the atmosphere on race day in 2024”. - Brad Keselowski said

Denny Hamlin