Bubba Wallace explains bad performance at Talladega: He found the culprit


Bubba Wallace explains bad performance at Talladega: He found the culprit
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Bubba Wallace was unlucky again, this time at Talladega. In the end, he finished as P23. Following the race, Wallace provided commentary on the race. He emphasized that the track position was important, but the last pit spot was crucial.

It is necessary for the team to support him in moments like this.
"Just, I don’t know, we need to go back and debrief and figure out. But track position was so important. If the bottom and the middle lanes were riding and the pace slowed down enough you could make the third lane work, but that last pit stop we had a number we were trying to get for fuel and we came out 13th or 14th when we were 5th.

"- Wallace said to NBC, as quoted by on3.com!

Bubba Wallace on the race

Wallace blames himself, considering he didn't make the right decision. However, he will have the opportunity to improve things in the following races, if that is possible.

Bubba has a lot of problems with consistency. He only has hope and optimism that the future can bring better things for him. The NASCAR scene has a lot of strong drivers, and it's hard to succeed in such competition sometimes.

“I made a wrong call there I cost us and the 45 a lot of positions and a really good day. Didn’t make the right moves there at the end but just trying to make up for what we had lost, track position-wise”.

- Wallace continued.
Roval could present him with a challenging task. During this race, Wallace must demonstrate character and correct his mistakes. Based on Bubba's past performances on the oval, he has little reason for optimism.

It is certain that he will keep working despite having a large backlog. Bubba is determined to stay focused and make the most of this opportunity. He has faith that his hard work and dedication will pay off.

Bubba Wallace