Denny Hamlin on winning the championship and the 'two biggest threats'


Denny Hamlin on winning the championship and the 'two biggest threats'
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Denny Hamlin is a huge optimist for the current season. The experienced NASCAR driver hopes that he can win the championship this year, although the task is quite difficult. Looking at the competition, there are many great names who are waiting for their chance and want to reach the podium.

In an interview with FOX Sports' Bob Pockrass, Hamlin answered the host's question if he would be hurt more than ever if he did not win the championship this year; “I don’t know. I would say probably,” Hamlin said.

“This is certainly a really great opportunity. There’s been other great opportunities, but I feel like there’s always been four to five guys that have been super strong. Sometimes they get your number — one gets your number on this week, the other one gets your number that week, and you’re always just kind of next best.

But I just feel like when we’re at our peak, we’re as good if not better than everyone”.

Denny Hamlin on his biggest threats

Denny singled out two names in particular that would be the biggest threat to him in the campaign for the championship.

Although there are several other drivers in the game, Hamlin seems to fear 'these two' the most. The most important thing for him at this moment is that he wins the race and shows his quality. It is necessary for him to take the pressure off himself, stay focused, and try to win the much-desired championship.

“The 5 car [of Kyle Larson] has also shown that. The 19 [of Martin Truex Jr.] can do it at any moment — when he dominates, it’s game over. But there’s not like five or six of them,” explained Hamlin.

“There’s a really small group and so you just have to make sure you execute. And to answer your question, would it hurt more? Yeah, probably. But, again, I’m still winning races. And that’s what I want to keep doing is making Final Fours, winning races — that just is going to be the big end goal for me.

Denny Hamlin