Joey Logano explains why he doesn't want NASCAR to look like F1


Joey Logano explains why he doesn't want NASCAR to look like F1
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Speaking to SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, Joey Logano gave his thoughts on Next Gen Cars and the problems they cause. While many people consider the Next Gen Cars to be a great thing for the competitiveness of NASCAR, there seem to be many things that NASCAR drivers are not happy with.

There are a number of things that need to be done in these situations, as Joey Logano pointed out. Changing the rules should be the most important thing. “So, alright it’s a spec car, so everyone’s got the same stuff, so they’re going to be close.

What do you do to change it up some? Change the rules. Change the rules, change the downforce levels. Take a bunch of downforce off of it. You get rid of the diffuser, oh boy, we’re starting all over. Everybody’s starting all over.

That would be huge, that would be a massive change as far as car setups, and the field would be more spread out as far as speed. That creates better racing”. - Joey Logano said!

Joey Logano on F1

Although the main goal of Next Gen Cars was to create a competition in which everyone would have an equal chance of success, Logano is not satisfied with such a philosophy.

This great NASCAR driver pointed out that it is necessary to find a 'medium' in this story. Having a competition like F1 in which one driver dominates is also bad, but Logano does not support this kind of system either.
“Everyone thinks the closer the cars are the better racing there is, I don’t know.

There’s a happy medium in there somewhere. You don’t want the fastest – you don’t want it to look like F1, where there’s one car that’s significantly faster than the rest of them, right? And then you have the same winner every week.

But if they all run the same speed, we’re kinda the opposite end of that [F1]. We all run the same speed so it’s really hard to see a lot of racing that way. So, I think, you know, if you can change the rules up every couple years, something big, big rules change.

I think that creates some separation in the field which ultimately creates better passes and racing, I think”.

Joey Logano