Denny Hamlin wants to buy the track he drove on as a teenager

Denny Hamlin statemant about making proposal to buy track

by Sededin Dedovic
Denny Hamlin wants to buy the track he drove on as a teenager
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Denny Hamlin recalled his boyhood days and beginnings in the sport of Nascar. He remembered that he was a fan of fast driving even before he got his driver's license. It simply enters the blood in the earliest period of life and you fall in love with adrenaline and fast driving.

Hamlin, who is from Virginia, traveled to races at the track in his younger years. As he himself said, he knows that track very well, and it has some sentimental value for him. That is why he expressed his desire to buy that track, of course, if he is able and if he gets the necessary permission from the county.

If he does not manage to buy all the shares for himself, then he says that he would like to have at least a share in it. This wish of his caused great public interest because Hamlin traveled to Richmond for the races when he was younger.

October 11 is the last date when offers should be made

“My interest would be to own it,” Hamlin said when asked Saturday by NBC Sports about his interest in the track. “I would love to run it, but I would love to run something that I owned.

We would have to work around that for sure. The county does own it, but if I’m going to put a bunch of time and effort and all that, I would like to have some stake in the facility”. as quoted by Asked if he planned to file a proposal, Hamlin said: “I don’t.

I think the next thing for us would be to follow back up with the county. I basically said to them, ‘We need ‘X’ amount of money to redo this track, really upgrade the facilities, make it super nice.’ I know Dale (Earnhardt) Jr.

said ‘Listen, you do it, I’ll bring the Cars Tour there twice a year.’ There’s a lot of opportunity and certainly that’s something the county or the state would really see interest from”.

Denny Hamlin