Kyle Busch and his expectations before the race in Texas


Kyle Busch and his expectations before the race in Texas
Kyle Busch and his expectations before the race in Texas © Meg Oliphant / Getty Images Sport

Prior to the Texas play off race, Kyle Busch is a huge optimist. The objective for him is to win this important race, and all the while confirm once again how great he is. Since Busch has achieved four victories in the Texas race in the past, the driver has a lot of fond memories of the race.

As the driver of the No 8 car, Tyler Reddick won a big race in Texas a year ago. It will be interesting to see if Kyle Busch is able to do the same thing this time around. “Yeah, I mean, to us, I feel like the mile-and-a-half stuff has kind of been a little bit more of our strong suit than the short track stuff.

So I think that kind of bodes well for us. The eight-car won there last year with Tyler Reddick. So I feel like that’s kind of a bonus”. - Busch told WSFA Channel 12.

Kyle Busch

Considering how it looked before, Busch is aware that the race in Texas is likely to be a mess of a situation.

Despite this, he never loses hope and he believes in the possibility of winning the race. His most important priority is that he and his team are moving in the right direction at the right time. Optimism and a positive atmosphere are always there!

“You know, there were a lot of tire failures, a lot of guys that had issues, and all that stuff that was going on in that race. It was a bit of an ugly race. But you know, the eight car ended up out on top, so hopefully, we can take some of that stuff that they had last year and work towards a comfortable driving car for me and a good feeling to where, you know, we’ll have a fast 3 CHI, Chevy, this weekend”.

Texas could bring a lot of excitement this year as well. There are many qualities in the game, but only one will win!

Kyle Busch

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