Dale Earnhardt Jr. on daughters who 'still don't fully understand NASCAR'


Dale Earnhardt Jr. on daughters who 'still don't fully understand NASCAR'
Dale Earnhardt Jr. on daughters who 'still don't fully understand NASCAR' © Meg Oliphant / Getty Images Sport

The story of Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one that does not need to be written in great detail. The career of Earnhardt has been nothing short of remarkable, and the impact the Earnhardts have had on the NASCAR scene has been astounding.

As part of his recent conversation with TODAY, Dale talked about both his career as well as his daughters. This great NASCAR driver has two daughters, Isla and Nicole. Earnhardt emphasized that his daughters have a much better understanding of what his job is with age.

However, they are still too young to have a complete picture of what their dad does. “Well, I don’t think they know much about my career, but Isla is 5, she just started kindergarten. So, she now realizes that when I go get in the car and she’s watching the race, that I’m actually in the car out there on the track,” Earnhardt said, as quoted by on3.com!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Isla

It was difficult for Isla, as a child, to comprehend what her father was doing. Basically, all she noticed was that her father was entering the car, but the rest of the events were unknown to her.

It is, however, evident that Isla has a much clearer idea of what this is all about now. The fact that she has already expressed her sadness about her dad not winning NASCAR indicates that she is going to be euphoric about NASCAR.

“For the first few years we were taking her to the racetrack. (It was) her watching this one event, right? She’s like, ‘OK, I saw him getting in the car,’ but she couldn’t connect it. Me being out on the racetrack and competing, she didn’t really know what all that meant. But now she gets it. She was sad that we didn’t win the race”.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Earnhardt Jr

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