Kevin Harvick on the 'impact' he has on people


Kevin Harvick on the 'impact' he has on people
Kevin Harvick on the 'impact' he has on people © Sean Gardner / Getty Images Sport

In an interview with The Athletic, Kevin Harvick talked about his career and the impact that NASCAR drivers leave on everyone. With a rich background of successes behind him, Harvick possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In the course of his career, this popular NASCAR driver has realized that their influence is far greater than he had originally thought. The NASCAR world is an inspiration for millions of people all over the world. That is probably the biggest compliment!

“The thing this year has really made me realize is the impact we have as drivers and athletes on people’s lives in general,” Harvick said, as quoted by! “Hearing those stories and those moments, whether it be inspiring a driver or inspiring somebody to get through a hard time period, through COVID or something personal they have going on — when we’re in the day-to-day grind, going week to week from race to race, you lose sight of the fact that what you do is much bigger than winning or losing to the people outside of this hauler.

The impact you have on people’s lives is much different than what you realize inside of the competition walls."

Kevin Harvick and his career

At the beginning of his career, Harvick did not realize how important he was to individuals.

However, as his career progressed, he realized how much impact each move had. This was also his motive to become the best version of himself and an example to others. He seems to have succeeded in doing so. “For me, being able to open up and hear those stories and understand you have that effect on people and can impact people’s lives with the things you say and do is not something you really realize when you’re 25 years old or in the middle of a battle with somebody after a race.

That has been very impactful for me personally to just really enjoy that you’ve been able to affect people in a positive way just by doing the things you think are right”.

Kevin Harvick

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