Denny Hamlin reveals who is the biggest threat to him in the rest of the season


Denny Hamlin reveals who is the biggest threat to him in the rest of the season
Denny Hamlin reveals who is the biggest threat to him in the rest of the season © Jared C. Tilton / Getty Images Sport

Denny Hamlin hopes and expects that he could win the NASCAR Cup Series. It will be a tough challenge for this great driver, but he is aware of what awaits him. A few drivers will be a big threat to him, but Hamlin singled out one in particular; Kyle Larson.

Hamlin believes that Larson will be the main competitor in the fight for the title. Denny had nothing but praise for Larson on his Actions Detrimental podcast. It is noticeable that Larson has a great car, and that he is one of the favorites.

Hamlin stressed that Larson 'will be tough to beat' “I look at kind of how this first round has played out, and certainly the No. 5 car in Kyle has been super strong, every single week. They were a top two car at Darlington.

Certainly a top two car I think, at Kansas. And then this weekend, they were super strong, as well. They were really fast in practice, and I think they were probably just a little bit too loose there in qualifying. He got sideways a bunch.

So they’re going to be tough to beat, no doubt about it,” said Hamlin, as quoted by!

Denny Hamlin on the future

In spite of the caution, Denny Hamlin is very aware of the huge qualities his team possesses.

In Hamlin's opinion, there is a very small difference between his team and Larson's team. Currently, Hamlin does not want to give much thought to the future at this time. Being patient and waiting for the right moment is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

“I got asked in the media center quite a bit, what about the challenge, or what do you have to do to beat the No. 5 car? I’m like, ‘I don’t have to beat the No. 5 car right now.’ If we get to Phoenix together, then certainly he will be a competitor I will have to beat, but I feel as though you always have to concentrate on yourself, and what can you do to be at your best, and I feel like when my team’s at my best, and their team’s at their best, it’s like, yeah, we’re close.

It’s very, very close. … You never know what can happen, and you can’t get too far ahead of yourself, because there’s six races to go, to even put yourself in a position to win a championship.

Denny Hamlin