Kyle Petty reacts to the success of Bubba Wallace

“Great call by Bootie Barker; great drive by Bubba Wallace"

by Sead Dedovic
Kyle Petty reacts to the success of Bubba Wallace
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Bubba Wallace impressed many after the last race as he managed to advance in Round 12. Although many were skeptical and did not expect Bubba to succeed, this great NASCAR driver managed to "calm" the critics and deservedly continue his adventure.

After this success, there was a lot of reaction from the NASCAR world. One of the people who reacted was NBC Sports analyst Kyle Petty. Kyle was delighted with the performance of Wallace, who showed once again that he has great qualities.

“Bubba Wallace makes the playoff,” Petty said, as quoted by! “Great call by Bootie Barker; great drive by Bubba Wallace. They did it in the first segment of the race. They scored eight bonus points.

He got in by four. That’s all he needed the rest of the day was to just run a solid race”.

Bubba Wallace and his statement

Wallace also couldn't hide his happiness with his performance. Such performances give him additional confidence, but they are also a confirmation that he really is a driver who can achieve great success.

Although in the end, he confirmed that he is mentally exhausted, we have no doubt that Bubba will recharge his batteries and show his quality again in the next race! “God I love that ***t right there,” Wallace said. “Counted us out.

Like Coco Gauff said, all they’re doing is adding fuel to the fire, I love it. Love where I’m at in this team. Wish mom and dad and my sister were here to celebrate with me. I’m in a career year. Just gotta keep it going, appreciate all the partners involved.

Columbia’s done great when they’re on the car, I hate it for them last week. I’m mentally exhausted, I’m wore out, gave it our all there. Battled hard and executed and that’s what you gotta do.

So, we know next week’s a reset and we just gotta go out and have some fun and work our asses off. Thank you to the ones that believe in me, keep it going and yeah, onto next week”.

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