Denny Hamlin: I welcome any fan who want to come to the dark side

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Denny Hamlin: I welcome any fan who want to come to the dark side
Denny Hamlin: I welcome any fan who want to come to the dark side © Sean Gardner / Getty Images Sport

In spite of Denny Hamlin's victory in Bristol, many people, who obviously had other favorites, expressed frustration regarding his victory. At the end of the race, Hamlin was booed a lot by the crowd, something that has happened a lot lately.

Despite that, this experienced NASCAR driver doesn't seem to pay much attention to things like that. At the moment, it seems as though he is perfectly comfortable in the role of a villain. There is no doubt that it gives him additional motivation to try out his best at every opportunity that comes his way.

As Hamlin strives to become even better, he invites a lot of people to be on the 'dark side' of his personality. “Yeah, I mean, at some point I got to realize 18 years in that I’m probably not going to win the most popular driver award (smiling).

I’ve come to the conclusion of that. I understand it. Yeah, they think they bother me. But clearly, it’s having an opposite effect. I welcome any fan who want to come to the dark side. All five of my fans are still out there chanting my name.

They’re over in turn three right now. But yeah, as Katt Williams said: A hater can’t stand a winner”. - he said.

Denny Hamlin and Bristol race

At the Bristol race, Hamlin proudly embraced the boos from the crowd after claiming victory.

There was a strong desire for Denny to provoke them even more, so that they would react even stronger. Hamlin does not find it difficult to be perceived by the fans as the 'villain' in the NASCAR. As we have already said, such a role suits him at the moment.

There is nothing stopping Hamlin from becoming unstoppable! “I beat your favorite driver,” he told the crowd. Denny had an interesting answer when asked which NASCAR driver he was referring to; “All of ’em."

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