Kurt Busch delighted with Bubba Wallace's success

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Kurt Busch delighted with Bubba Wallace's success
Kurt Busch delighted with Bubba Wallace's success © Christian Petersen / Getty Images Sport

It is no secret that Kurt Busch is a man who has a great deal of respect for Bubba Wallace. As a result of his performance at Bristol, Wallace was able to advance to the Round of 12. It was a great pleasure for Kurt Busch to see the great Wallace succeed in such a big way.

According to Busch, these results are the result of hard work on the part of the team, unity within the team, and their inherent ability to produce results. “This is huge,” Busch said, as quoted by NASCAR.com. “This is something that takes a team all the way through – whether it’s simulator work, whether it’s our owner (and race winner Denny Hamlin) that’s doing burnouts as I’m speaking.

There’s a strategy call. There’s a driver duty. There’s a pit-crew duty. This is all the teamwork that I’ve talked about for years on how I’ve lost races and won races. I’m so happy to see all of this”.

Bubba Wallace on the race

In his post-race interview, Bubba Wallace expressed his pride in himself after a race as successful as this. There was not a single
moment when he considered giving up, and he knew that he had a good chance of succeeding.

Even though there were times when he was doubted, and although he is often criticized, Bubba has always stuck to his own path and remained true to it. Finally, it appears that the faith that one has in oneself seems to have started to produce results.

“Trying to gather my thoughts and man, just emotional,” Wallace said. “I said to myself out loud – not on the radio – ‘Proud of you, kid.’ And we all know I rarely do that. Just, way to stick with it.

Tried to throw it away a couple of times. Got frustrated with myself, frustrated with others, but it all worked out. What you need to do is execute. This is a special day and gotta cherish it, but can’t get complacent. We know Texas is up. We’re OK there. But we’ve gotta come out swinging and come out on the right end of it”.

Bubba Wallace

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