Denny Hamlin delighted with Bubba Wallace's progess: He’s doing well

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Denny Hamlin delighted with Bubba Wallace's progess: He’s doing well
Denny Hamlin delighted with Bubba Wallace's progess: He’s doing well © Chris Graythen / Getty Images Sport

After finishing 14th in Saturday's Bass Pro Shops Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway, Bubba Wallace secured his place for the Round of 12 of the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs. Wallace could not hide his happiness with such a great result.

He is aware that now he has a great chance to achieve enormous success. However, it is not only Wallace who is happy and proud of himself. One of the owners of the team Bubba drives for, Denny Hamlin, has enormous respect for Bubba.

Hamlin is happy that Wallace has made such huge progress. In addition, the relationship that Bubba has with Redick is another reason why Hamlin can be happy. “Yeah, I’m really happy with where that team is progressing to.

Really happy for Bubba,” -Denny Hamlin said after the race as quoted by! “I think the highest he’s ever finished is 20-something in points. He’s doing well. He’s really working on his craft… Doing all the right things.

He’s really working with the team well. Him and Tyler are working really well together."

Denny Hamlin on 23XI

Hamlin seems to be surprised at how quickly the 23XI has progressed. Although this team is only 3 years old, it is already clear what ambitions they have and how great they are doing all their work.

Hamlin admitted that the goal was for both drivers to secure the Playoffs. However, they achieved even greater success. This will only give them more motivation to continue the same! “Yeah, I’m very happy with the trajectory that that whole organization’s on.

I mean, not three years complete, to have two cars now in the round of 12, very humbling. Certainly our goal going into the year was to have two cars in the Playoffs. Now to have two in the next round, this is just icing on the cake. This is nothing but bonus from here on out”.

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