Tyler Reddick: It is fun to beat the boss (Denny Hamlin)

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Tyler Reddick: It is fun to beat the boss (Denny Hamlin)
Tyler Reddick: It is fun to beat the boss (Denny Hamlin) © Jonathan Bachman / Getty Images Sport

Tyler Reddick showed that he is a great driver and managed to win the Kansas race. This race brought a lot of excitement. It was especially interesting to watch the clash between Reddick and his boss, Denny Hamlin. Reddick made a comment after the race about his victory and the fact that he was able to finish first ahead of Hamlin.

This great NASCAR driver thinks it's 'fun' to beat his boss. “I know that definitely talking with them, he was, I think, better than I was at the end of the race,” Reddick said after the race, as quoted by on3.com!

” It’s just circumstances played out in a way to where I was able to get a better restart. But certainly it is fun to beat the boss. Obviously, I think he’s got a couple more playoff points still banking on, but him, Martin [Truex] and Christopher [Bell], we all really share a lot of information back and forth, and ideally we’d love to fill the Championship 4 with Toyotas and may the best man win.

But it’s a long way out, but we do a lot of great work together, and I’m really glad we have the teamwork and the partnership that we do because when we get to Talladega a little later on, us being able to work with each other will be very beneficial”.

Tyler Reddick on his victory

In motorsports, you often need luck in order to achieve success. Reddick just got lucky in the Kansas race, and things turned out ideal for him. The most important thing is that he used the chance, but also the team strategy turned out to be excellent.

“We did a good job by sticking with the right strategy and then we just got fortunate. People lined up in some odd places I think and it just opened up us to get to the bottom on that restart, get on the inside lane and jump a couple of rows. So it worked out good”.