Bubba Wallace on flat tire and 'feeling proud' of Tyler Reddick

“Congratulations to Tyler I’m pumped for him for sure"

by Sead Dedovic
Bubba Wallace on flat tire and 'feeling proud' of Tyler Reddick
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The Kansas race gave us a lot of excitement. It was Tyle Reddick who won the race. It was impressive to see this 23 XI driver focus during the race, he showed passion and desire to win, and he won in the end. His teammate, Bubba Wallace, was especially happy about his victory.

This great driver experienced a flat tire during the race and of course, he was furios about it. He is especially angry considering that he was at the top, and had great chances for success, but some things don't go as planned.

“No. I got loose, I got loose about 5 laps before but I realized that was my line and my approach to the exit of Turn 4 then a few laps later it blew out, no indication going into one,” Wallace said, as quoted by on3.com!

“I was pissed at myself, maybe if I wasn’t as close to the fence maybe I would have got by with less damage. You’re never going to get a flat tire, from blowing a tire when you’re 20th. You’re going to get it when you’re really fast and lights out against the competition.

The 5 [Kyle Larson] was kicking our ass for sure but then something happened to them and they weren’t a factor and the 11 [Hamlin] and 45 [Reddick] came out of nowhere."

Bubba Wallace on Tyler Reddick

Wallace is also showing that there is a very strong sense of unity among the team members during this race.

He had a very strong desire to help Reddick, and he can be happy that his team is really going in the right direction.
“Congratulations to Tyler I’m pumped for him for sure. I’m glad he listened to me because I was running him down and he got kinda sketched out that I was close to him trying to help him – he’s a little mental case sometimes, but hey it all works out he got us the dub and proud of him, kept the 45 streak at Kansas in the fall going, so it’s good”.

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