Ross Chastain has no plans to use 'Hail Melon' tricks in future races

“Nothing up these sleeves, nothing, [no] trick."

by Sead Dedovic
Ross Chastain has no plans to use 'Hail Melon' tricks in future races
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The NASCAR Playoffs will surely bring a lot of excitement and surprises, and the man on whom a lot of attention will be focused is Ross Chastain. This great NASCAR driver enters the race with huge ambitions. He is aware that every race is important to him.

In an interview with Fox Sports, reporters joked and asked Ross Chastain if Hail Melon would happen again. It seems that Chastain has no similar plans up his sleeves, and plans to get the points in another way. “Nothing up these sleeves, nothing, [no] trick.

We’ll just go and try to scrap up as many points as we can each round and transfer through – you know we can win one of these or a few of these. It’s okay to win, somebody’s got to. No Hail Melon, just go beat them”.

- he said, as quoted by!

Ross Chastain and his goals

What can please the fans of this driver and Trackhouse Racing is the fact that Chastain feels great and is ready to give his best. He is grateful for the support he has had from his team since day one.

Chastain has tremendous confidence and faith in her team. In a few days, he will have the opportunity to confirm how much he can really do at this moment! He will be competing in the championship race and will do everything he can to make his fans proud.

Trackhouse Racing has been a great source of strength and encouragement and he is determined to make them proud, too. “I do [feel good]. I wouldn’t want to do this with any other group. I’ve got 140 employees that are putting two race cars… It’s two race cars, two rocket ships getting taken down to Darlington.

We haven’t changed our procedures, Daniel and I have been together every morning to start these playoffs. We’ll continue what we’re doing and I trust our processes”.

Ross Chastain